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Vitaprop Carbon Prop Blades

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Vitaprop carbon blades
Vitaprop manufacture folding prop blades for electric flight out of hand-laid carbon fibre cloth. This makes for extreme strength and stiffness for the most exacting and extreme performance. The hubs are strengthened with a metal insert, and the carbon cloth wraps around these inserts to gain maximum strength at the hub - you will not throw a blade easily with these props! And they are also lighter than solid carbon composite blades - because they are hollow! The two moulded halves are joined in the mould to maintain accuracy. For extreme use and durability - use these blades made in the Ukraine.

Now available again:

13 x 7"   
14 x 9.5"
15 x 8"
15 x 9.5"
16 x 8"
16 x 16"
17 x 10"
20 x 12"
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