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Stand offs - motor mount extensions

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These stand-off mounts allow you to backmount your outrunner motor and position it in just the right position in front of the firewall of your model. They are particularly beneficial when you have a cowl around the motor and the position of the propeller is critical.
Each set includes four solid metal posts 10mm in diameter on which to mount your motor backmount, adjustable washers to vary the length, and 4mm cheese-head bolts with nylock nuts
Each mount is adjustable in length by removing some of the washers - see these removed from the short mount in the photo above. There are two hard nylon washers and one metal washer that can be removed one at a time to achieve exactly the right position for the motor. See below for the adjustable range of each set of mounts:
20mm Motor Extension - adjustable from 12.5mm to 20mm - price $13.95

30mm Motor Exension - adjustable from 22.5mm to 30mm - price $18.50
40mm Motor Extension - adjustable from 32.5mm to 40mm - price $21.50
50mm Motor Extension - adjustable from 42.5mm to 50mm - price $21.50

60mm Motor Extension - adjustable from 52.5mm to 60mm - price $24.00