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Surprise by Dave Hines

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Surprise by Dave Hines
Dave is using the Rudi Freudenthaler F5B design to represetn Australia in the World F5B Championships in York in August 2004. The design has been developed by Rudi over many years. Rudi won the first four World Championships with earlier models of this design. Of course, it has shrunk over the years as the rules have changed. It is now a 1.8m rocket, powered by 18 x GP3000 NiMH cells and a "Formula One" motor.
The whole Australian team is flying the Surprise design. Dave, and Richard Solomon, are powering theirs with Electronic Model FAI motors developed especially for the event. The FAI Elite motors have been manufactured with no expense spared. They are a serious piece of engineering, designed to operate in the 200A range, and mated to a gearbox that will stand bulk power – see them in the photo below. They swing a 17x18” propeller with another 5 degrees of pitch added by the hub - a grossly oversquare configuration designed to give amazing acceleration in to the laps. They will deliver 7,500 rpm in the air with this propeller!

But the Aussie-French cooperation does not stop there. EM also supplied matching Flash 200/250 speed controllers that will stand a constant 200A, and pushed, matched and weighed GP3000 cells that will make up 18 cell packs – all at a special price for Aussie team members. The two Dave’s are looking forward to making a World Champs bid with the support and back-up of a helpful manufacturer
This set-up makes these very fast aircraft. One of the requirements is a quick climb, and good acceleration in to the laps as the aircraft noses over at the end of the climb.Richard Solomon has made measurements and calculations about this acceleration, and he tells me that they accelerate from 0 to 308 km/hr in 4 seconds!! That gives you some idea about how potent these aircraft are. We wish our team well with this potent gear!