Electric Flight in Australia


Set-ups that work

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In this part of the site, I would like to display a range of successful projects. The idea is that you can look here and see what works. The information can help you with your own experiments with electric flight.
To help others, I invite you to send in to me details of your successful projects to display here. I will need a photo of your aircraft, preferably with you in it as well, and all the details of the aircraft and power system. Give me wingspan, weight, construction, motor, gearbox, prop, speed controller, battery pack, and current draw details.
7-cell competition gliders
Mantaray by Ray Pike - the original
Mantaray by Greg Fry
Open competition gliders
Surprise by Dave Hines
Big gliders
Scale aircraft & F3A
Chipmunk by John Borrill
Extra 330L by Garry McCutcheon
Sports cabin & old timer
Le Crate sports cabin for 7-10 cells
Junior 60 by Lou Amadio
Powerhouse - full size by Kevin Johnson
Click here to see another "flyelectric" site with examples of successful models.
400 size motors matched to Günther 5x4.5" props are amazingly successful. Here you see twin 400 pushers in a jet style aircraft. They are also popular in single motor and tractor configuration.
Mandrella by Steve Mutch