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Junior 60 - by Lou Amadio

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Junior 60 by Lou Amadio
Though not strictly an old timer, Lou built the Junior 60 because it is like an old timer, and has that "cartoon character" look about it. He scaled the original design down to 75% of the original size to suit Speed 400 power. Lou built his own gearbox from R/C buggy parts.
Lou describes the performance is very leisurely. He tried it in Sports Cabin competitions, but feels that it is too heavy to be competitive, and it does not have enough wing area to thermal effectively.
Maybe a Speed 480 with 8-10 cells would liven up the performance. If you build a nostalgic old design like this, let us know about it and how it performs for everyone's benefit. Anyone for a Black Magic?
Junior 60 specifications:
  • 1.14m wingspan
  • 75% of full size
  • 0.85kg weight
  • Graupner Speed 400
  • 2.5:1 home made gearbox
  • 8 x 6 prop
  • 7 x AA cells