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Extra 330L by Garry McCutcheon

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Extra 330L by Garry McCutcheon
Gary McCutcheon has achieved success with a 20% scale Extra 330L manufactured by High End Technology Holland. He sought out the biggest outrunner he could find. He settled on the new Cyclon F3A motor from Electronic Model designed just for his purpose.

The CY-F3A is powered by an 8S2P pack of Polyquest 2600 mAh LiPo cells; that gives a total capacity of 5.2 Ah. These cells have a 12C limit (which means 31.2A), but by combining two packs in parallel, Gary has lifted the maximum Amps limit to 62.4A. Even though the motor draws 56A at full power on a 17x10” APC-E propeller, Gary has been achieving flights of over 20 minutes because of running at less than full throttle for most of the flight.

Other specs of the model are 1.6m wingspan and an all-up-weight of 3.75kg with the LiPo cells fitted. This model was meant for a .47-.90 two stroke internal combustion motor, but the CY-160 flies it with authority. Gary took measurements with an Emeter and found that the LiPo pack is delivering 26.24V at 56A giving 1,451W (which is close to two horsepower) and giving 6,885 rpm with the 17x10” propeller. The EM motors are no longer available - a substitute these days would be a Hyperion 5025 series available for $275 - $289 depending on version - click this link to see them.