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Micro, sub-micro and especially powerful small servos are necessary for many electric powered and glider models. We need to tuck servos in to small spaces, sometimes in the flying surfaces themselves (like in the tailplane or fin). Mounting servos in the wing has become common-place - the servos need to be thin and also powerful, sometimes needing to operate large flaps. Here is a selection of good quality servos that I have been able to access:
KST-X06 - super micro 6.4g and 7mm thick
Dymond D60 - sub-micro 9g
Hitec HS-55 - tiny 8g, good quality & price
Hitec HS-81 - standard micro servo

Hitec HS-82MG - metal gear version of HS-81
KST 145MG - high power standard 10mm thick servo, 30mm long - metal case, metal output arm - good for large glider fuselages.
Special Wing Servos

KST-X08 thin 8mm servo, light weight - replaces 245 (also available without any mounting lugs at all - called N series)

KST-X08H 8mm thin wing servo for smaller models - metal case, metal gears, side mount - replaces 245H

• KST-HS08 Servos - NEW, more powerful version of X08 available in side-mount (A version) and vertical mount (B version) - 8mm thick and 11g
• KST X10 Mini MG - new, improved wing servo - more power and HV - replaces KST-135MG
• KST X10 Large - bigger wing servo for big models - replaces KST-DS125MG
• Servo Testers - check your servo operation