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Intellect Receiver Battery Packs

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Battery Packs for Radio Receivers
Good quality batteries are necessary to power your radio when using OPTO mode - that's when you decide to keep the power for your radio separate from the power for your motor. This is a very safe method, and necesary when you use more than 12V for your motor (unless you use a UBEC or SBEC controller that has a voltage reduction facility to control the power going to your radio gear). Personally, I prefer to use the OPTO system because there is no risk of interference between the power circuit and the radio circuit - they are linked by fibre-optic in this instance. I certainly recommend that you go for an OPTO controller and a separate Rx battery if you are pulling big amps, or using high voltage.

BUT - you need good batteries, and you must manage them carefully. You need to charge them before you fly, sometimes in the field, especially if your Rx pack is a small, low capacity pack (to save weight).

These Intellect NiMh packs will give you high capacity for low volume and weight. Trickle charge them first up, but you can fast charge them in the field when you need to. The trick I use is to start with a fully charged pack, then fly, say, two flights of fixed length and recharge after that. Note how many milliamps you need to put in to the pack to top it up again and you will be able to calculate how many flights you can safely have before you need to recharge in future.

All packs have a JR/Hitec/Futaba/ MPX UNI plug:

Intellect 4 cell 750 mAh flat pack:
45 x 44 x 10mm, Weight 54g, Price - $14.95

Intellect 4 cell 750 mAh square pack:
45 x 20 x 20mm, Weight 54g, Price - $14.95

Intellect 4 cell 2000 mAh flat pack:|
52 x 56 x 14mm, Weight 118g, Price - $29.90

Intellect 4 cell 2000 mAh square pack:

52 x 28 x 28mm, Weight 118g, Price - $29.90