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Electric fliers have special requirements in the radio gear department. The first requirement is a reliable radio set that is not sensitive to interference. Our electric motors and speed controllers sometimes generate radio signals that can interfere with radio reception. It is best to use tried and tested equipment that minimises the possibility of reception problems. Some equipment, like the Schulze 835 mini receiver, is made specifically to give electric fliers reliable equipment that is small and light. I will list on this site any equipment available in Australia that satisfies this requirement.

The second requirement is radio equipment that is small in size and light in weight. We need to keep the weight of airborne equipment as low as possible to maximise the performance of our aircraft. We also need to squeeze our radio gear into small spaces - sometimes in the wing, sometimes down the tail boom - to keep it away from sources of interference, allow room for our airborne electric equipment, and to balance our aircraft correctly. Here I will list airborne equipment that has the performance we require, and the size and weight requirements as well. Click on the links below to access information on each type of equipment:

JR miniature servos