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Radio set versatile - Spektrum DX6

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NEW - Spektrum DX6 - 6 channel Tx/Rx set with unlimited model memories and mixers
If you are just starting out in electric flight, you will need a good quality radio system at an economy price. 2.4 GHz is here to stay and is the latest technology - the new DX6 gives you a DSMX computer radio with mixers and unlimited model memories, but without the complication of a top end set. It has helicopter functions and mixers, quadcopter functions, as well as aircraft set-ups, but you only use what you need. Couple this breadth of application with programming ease and clear, graphic displays on a large LCD screen and you have a winner. This radio will meet your needs for many years to come, even if you start with basic functions and then move on to aircraft requiring mixers at a later date.
Currently available as a Tx/Rx set only with an AR600T DSMX receiver and four dry cell batteries for only $395. Add the servos of just the type you need for your aircraft and a speed controller with BEC function to make up a fully functional radio system.
Features are
  • 6 channel 2.4 GHz DSMX radio - no crystals required
  • 4 Model Types
  • unlimited model memories (set up different aircraft in each memory and retain the settings)
  • Model name display
  • Servo reversing and travel adjustment
  • 7-point throttle and pitch curves
  • Spring-centred throttle option for multi-rotors
  • Programmable voice alerts
  • Telemetry capable
  • Wireless Trainer mode
  • Integrated timer (eg. time motor run)
  • AR600T DSMX - 6 channel micro telemetry receiver as standard
  • Aircraft Programming features - Flaps, 2 x mixers, Dual aileron, V-tail, Delta, Differential - just right for gliders and flying wings
  • Heli Programming features - gyro adjust, graphic throttle curve, graphic pitch curve, P-mixers, revo-mix, swash type (normal and CCPM 120)
  • Price: only $395
Spare Spektrum receivers available

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