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Electric motors require lighter props generally than glow motors; they do not need the flywheel effect of a heavy prop to sustain ingnition and can develop more revs with light blades. The growing popularity of sport, cabin, aerobatic and scale electric aircraft has created a demand for suitable fixed blade props. The two most popular brands are Graupner and APC.

I have given the size of the bore in each prop as this has been an issue with some fliers.

APC provide a stepped hub. The hole in the front is nominally 6.5mm, but I have noticed that the size varies slightly, and even APC themselves say that this is not a precision hole. The rear side of the hub has a 9mm hole which is precison made, and this creates a step in the bore of the prop. A range of collets is supplied with each propeller to fit in this rear stepped hole to adjust the bore in a range of sizes right down to 3mm. So, you can either add the required collet, or bore out the hole to 9mm.

Click here to see propholders with a dome spinner nut that can be used to mount a fixed blade prop on your motor or gearbox shaft. Click here to see prop holders to use with a spinner.

Click here to see a range of E-props (fixed blade props for electric flight) from Aero-naut.

Fixed blade props need to be balanced, just like the folding variety. Click here to read an article on balancing props; the technique is the same even though the article refers to folding props. 
Click here for a prop balancer.

Why are the prices all over the place? because it depends when I purchased the stock. Recent additions have suffered badly from the depressed eschange rate - but I am maintaining a supply of these props to keep you flying - despite the vagaries of the dollar!

Prop Type Prop Size Bore Price
APC 4.75" x 4.75" Speed 400 6mm $4.95
5.1 x 4.5E
APC 5.25 x 6.25 6mm $4.95
APC 6 x 4"E 6mm $5.20
APC 6 x 4"EP (pusher) 6mm $4.95
ParkZone ( see below) 6 x 4" 6mm $4.95
APC 6 x 5.5"E 6mm $4.95
APC 6.5 x 6.5" Pylon 4mm $6.50
APC 7 x 4"E 6mm $4.25
7 x 5" E 6mm $4.95
APC 7 x 5"EP (pusher) 6mm $5.95
APC 7 x 6"E 6mm $5.50
APC 7 x 7" standard 6mm $2.95
APC 8x4"E 6mm $4.25
APC 8 x 6" E 6mm $3.95
APC 9x4.5" E 6.5mm $4.95
APC 9 x 6"E 6.5mm $5.95
APC 9 x 7.5"E 6.5mm $5.95
APC 9 x 9"E 6.5mm $3.95
APC 10 x 5"E 6.5mm $6.75
APC - NEW 10 x 6"E 6.5mm $6.75
APC 10 x 7"E 6.5mm $7.25
APC - NEW 10 x 8"E 6.5mm $6.75
APC 11 x 4.5"EP (pusher) 6.5mm $7.30
APC 11 x 5.5"E 6.5mm $7.75
APC 11 x 5.5"EP (pusher) 6.5mm $9.30
APC 11 x 7"E 6.5mm $7.25
APC 11 x 8"E 6.5mm $7.75
APC 11x8.5" 6.5mm $5.25
APC 11 x 10"E 6.5mm $5.25
APC 12 x 6"E 6.5mm $8.95
APC 12 x 6 EP (pusher) 6.5mm $10.50
APC 12 x 8"E 6.5mm $8.95
APC 12 x 10"E 6.5mm $6.50
APC 12 x 12"E 6.5mm $6.50
(some old stock left)
13 x 4"E for 3D 6.5mm $8.00 (new stock $9.95)
APC 13 x 4.5"EP (pusher) 6.5mm $12.00
APC 13 x 6.5"E 6.5mm $11.50
APC 13 x 6.5"EP (pusher) 6.5mm $13.95
APC 13 x 8"E 6.5mm $10.95
APC 13 x 8"EP (pusher) 6.5mm $13.95
APC 13 x 10"E 6.5mm $10.95
APC 14 x 7" E 6.5mm $11.25
APC - NEW 14 x 8.5"E 6.5mm $12.50
APC 14 x 10"E 6.5mm $12.50
APC 15 x 4"E 6.5mm $12.50
APC 15 x 8"E 6.5mm $13.95
APC 15 x 10"E 6.5mm $13.95
APC 16 x 8"E 6.5mm $13.75
16 x 10"E 6.5mm $17.50
APC 16 x 12"E 6.5mm $13.75
APC 17 x 8"E 6.5mm $13.75
APC 17 x 10"E 6.5mm $16.50
APC 17 x 12"E 6.5mm $16.50
APC 18 x 10"E 6.5mm $24.00
APC 18 x 12"E 6.5mm $24.00
APC 19 x 12"E 6.5mm $24.95
ParkZone 6x4" fixed blade prop - only $4.95
Click here for a range of APC Slo Fly props for indoor and park fliers.