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As an Aero-naut agent, I try to keep a full range of Aero-naut folding props and hardware in stock at all times. I currently have 46 different sizes in stock - you will find a size here to suit your project - this is the most comprehensive range of folding props available in the world!
Please note - I can post one or two pairs of blades up to 14" size, anywhere in Australia, for only $3.00.
Click here for a Propeller Balancer
Aero-naut blades need to be fitted to a yoke or centrepiece - Click Here to see Aero-naut centrepieces.
Aeronaut Cam-Carbon props are well known for quality. This range is the new, popular style with swept back tips. They are lighter than previous types, and thinner in the blade. They are made from a composite carbon material and will take most electric flight loads (use props made with carbon cloth if you are going for extreme performance). Most of this range has 8mm hubs to fit the popular centrepieces and precision spinners.

Note: Some sizes have been added - these include some props from the "Classic Carbon" range (not Cam Carbon) and are designated by a "C" following the size.

Following are all the sizes and prices for one pair of blades - and I attempt to have all sizes ins tock all the time! Rarely am I out of any size. Please note that all the props in the first chart have 8mm hubs or shanks and are designed to fit the alumium centrepieces by aero-naut. The second chart contains sizes available only with 6mm hubs or shanks - they are designed for low power set-ups and particularly fit plastic spinners with built in housings for folding props.
* In bold - the Classic blades - an older design - generally broader blades


7x4", 7x6" $15.95
8x4", 8x5", 8x6" 8x7" $17.50
9x4", 9x5" Cam Carbon, 9x5" Classic $14.95, 9x6", 9x6.5"Classic $14.95, 9x7" $17.50
9.5x5", 9.5x5", 9.5x6", 9.5x7" $18.50
10x4", 10x5 , 10x6", 10x7", 10x8", 10x12" $18.50
11x4", 11x5, 11x6", 11x6.5" Classic ($15.95), 11x7", 11x8", 11x10", 11x12" $19.50
11.5x7"Classic $15.75 $16.50
12x5", 12x6", 12x6.5", 12x8", 12x9", 12x10", 12x11", 12x13 $19.50
12.5x6", 12.5x7.5", 12.5x9" $19.50
13x5", 13x6.5", 13x8", 13x10", 13x11" $19.95
14x6", 14x8", 14x9", 14x10", 14x12", 14x13 $21.95
15x6", 15x8", 15x10", 15x11", 15x13" $23.50
16x6", 16x8", 16x10", 16x13" $25.50
16.5x15" Classic $19.95 $19.95
17x7", 17x8", 17x9", 17x10", 17x11", 17x13" $26.95
18x6", 18x7", 18x9",18x11", 18x13" $28.95
18.5x8",18.5x10", 18.5x12", 18.5x14", 18.5x15" $29.95
20x8", 20x10", 20x12" (now in stock) $35.00
10x7" pusher $21.50
Click here to read an article on 'How to assemble a folding propeller'.
For the full range of Aero-naut props listed on the factory web site, click on this link - this page also tells you the maximum rev limit for each size of prop.

I have some folding blades with 6mm hubs - see the list below:
6x6" $10.95 30mm plastic spinners available to take these blades ($10.95) - the blade pivot point is moulded in to the spinner - they have a grub screw fitting as part of the spinner to fit to a 2.3mm shaft - ideal for 400 ferrite motors.




These blades fit the 30mm spinners, and I also have 38mm plastic spinners ($12.50) that accept them as well - pivot point built in to spinner - a prop adaptor with a 6mm shaft is required to fit these spinners to a motor - I have these prop adaptors in 2.3mm, 3.0mm and 3.2mm - click here for prop adaptors