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Aero-naut have released a range of "Cool Nose" spinners that have a hole in the front of the nose cone and vent holes in the backplate - the idea is to allow cooling air through to the motor, but you need corresponding holes in your nose former as well. 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes are currently available in sizes to fit a range of motor shafts.
30mm Spinner 40mm Spinner
Aero-Naut 30mm Cool Nose Spinners

The 30mm version does not have a backplate - the centrepiece is supplied with the spinner and has a conical hole machined in it to accept the collet. This makes them a very economical unit - and they fit the current range of slim glider fuselages with 30mm noses (F5J models, Omega, Sky Sergio, Pulsar 2008, etc.). Spare 30mm spinner caps now available - $5.95.

Spinner Diameter
Fits Motor Shaft Size
Bore of prop holder
30mm 2.3mm 8.0mm $25.00
30mm 3.0mm 8.0mm $25.00
30mm 3.17mm 8.0mm $25.00
30mm 4.0mm 8.0mm $25.00
30mm 5.0mm 8.0mm $25.00
30mm 6.0mm 8.0mm $25.00
30mm Spinner and Spinner Set
Spare spinner caps now available $5.50
Please note - collets in 30mm Cool Nose spinners are different to all others - they are smaller. You can simply purchase a special collet for a 30mm Cool Nose spinner and change the motor shaft that it will fit:

In stock now:
3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm collets for 30mm Cool Nose! All $10.50.
Aero-Naut 33mm to 70mm Cool Nose Spinners - other sizes available to order

The 33mm to 70mm versions have a backplate which has holes drilled in it - the centrepiece is not supplied with the spinner - you need to order either a centrepiece to go with it.

Spinner Diameter
Fits Motor Shaft Size
Bore of prop holder
33mm 3.0mm 8.0mm $36.00
33mm 4.0mm 8.0mm $36.00
33mm 5.0mm 8.0mm $36.00
33mm 6.0mm 8.0mm $36.00
36mm 3.0mm 8.0mm $35.00
36mm 4.0mm 8.0mm $35.00
36mm 5.0mm 8.00mm $36.00
38mm 3.0mm 8.0mm $37.00
38mm 3.2mm 8.0mm $35.00
38mm 4.0mm 8.0mm $37.00
38mm 5.0mm 8.0mm $36.00
38mm 6.0mm 8.0mm $37.00
40mm 3.0mm 8.00mm $39.50
40mm 3.2mm 8.0mm $39.50
40mm 4.0mm 8.0mm $39.00
40mm 5.0mm 8.0mm $39.50
40mm 6.0mm 8.0mm $39.00
50mm 4.0mm 8.0mm $43.00
50mm 5.0mm 8.0mm $43.00
55mm 4.0mm 8.0mm $43.00
55mm 5.0mm 8.0mm $43.00
65mm 6.0mm 8.0mm $45.00
70mm 6.0mm 8.00mm $45.00
40mm Spinner and Spinner Set
Spare spinner caps now available $6.95
Spare spinner caps now available:
Fits 30, 33 - $5.95
Fits 36mm - $6.50
Fits 38 - $6.50
Fits 40mm - $6.95
Xtra-large - fits 50, 55mm - $4.95 without screw
Collets in standard prop adapters fit the Cool Nose spinners, so purchase a prop adapter for the motor shaft required to change the collet in larger Cool Nose Spinners.