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Precision Spinners - folding props

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Precision spinners are a very neat solution to an engineering problem - how to create a folding prop unit which combines the prop holder, centrepiece and spinner into one unit. They may seems expensive at first glance, but when you add up the cost of all the components if bought separately, they are a quite economical solution. Three varieties are available: two from Aeronaut and one from Graupner, all with slightly different characteristics.
Aeronaut Precision Spinners

These provide a metal backplate with a collet type prop adaptor, and a plastic spinner front that screws into place. A centrepiece from the Aeronaut range is required to complete the set. Click here to see the centrepieces available.

Spinner Diameter Fits Shaft Size Price
36mm 4mm $32.00
38mm 4mm $32.00
40mm 4mm $36.00
42mm 4mm $36.00
45mm 4mm $42.00
36mm 5mm $32.00
38mm 5mm $32.00
40mm 5mm $36.00
40mm 3-blade 5mm $42.00
42mm 5mm $36.00
45mm 5mm $42.00
36mm 6mm $32.00
38mm 6mm $32.00
40mm 6mm $36.00
42mm 6mm $36.00
45mm 6mm $42.00
Aeronaut precision spinner
Cracked your spinner cap (like mine in the photo)? I now have two sizes of Aero-naut spinner cap in stock: AN-7251/13 fits 36 & 38mm spinners and costs $4.95 and AN-7251/23 fits 40, 42 and 45mm spinners and costs $6.50.
Click here to see the new "Cool Nose" spinners from Aero-naut pictured above - now including sizes up to 55mm.
White and red spinner caps now available as an extra for Aero-naut precision spinners - top caps are for 36 & 38mm spinners, bottom caps for 40, 42 and 45mm spinners (now $6.00 each).
Above - pictured is the 55mm all-plastic spinner from Multiplex - collet fixing to 5mm shaft - suits Cularis, Solius & Easy Electric Glider Pro - in stock at $42