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Plettenberg motors are the Mercedes Benz of electric power. They are hand-made by experts in Germany and have been in the game since the mid-1980s. I first came across them at the first Electric Flight World Championships in Belgium in 1986 where some of the European fliers used them to good effect in F5B (then called F3E) - so, Plettenberg (or Hecktoplett as they are sometimes called) have been in the Formula 1 end of electric flight since the beginning. I visited Mr Plettenberg in the early days when his main interest was in electric model boat competition. I also had an agency for his motors in the early days.

In the past few years I have recommenced an agency with Plettenberg. I have been supplying Plettenberg motors steadily to those who knew I was involved - I have brought in the older design brushed motors (which are still popular for some applications), the newer inner-runner motors (both geared and direct drive), some ducted fan motors and some outrunners.

Plettenberg is more expensive than most, but when you want the best, this is where you should go. The most popular motors are the geared inner-runners (like in the photo - top right) because they fit well in glider fuselages and will take very high amps without a murmur - for glider competition, they are very good.

To investigate the range available, please check the Plettenberg web site (click on this link) - it is not a very user-friendly web site, so if you need some guidance to find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Current price for a 220/20/A2 motor is $450 at the time of writing. The price varies with the exchange rate - the process is, get in touch for a price indication, pay a 20% deposit and I will order a motor for you - delivery is between 2 and 8 weeks depending on parts availability. I operate on a short margin and keep the prices as low as possible. Treat your self to a Plettenberg!