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Phil Stevenson took over the Electric Flight column in Airborne in June 1984. He commenced by saying, “I suspect that I have been asked to write this article, not so much because of my successes or experience, but because of my enthusiasm.” That word seems to keep popping up. “Enthusiasm” – it has marked the electric flight movement since its inception. Phil was no exception. He enthusiastically wrote the Airborne column for years. He championed inexpensive and innovative electric flight. He was a prolific designer and builder. He came up with project after project. He flew his Thermal Raiser, Hell Raiser and Hammer series of electric aircraft everywhere, in everything from electric glider, to electric pylon race, to electric control line. He attended every electric flight event that was going. And wrote about it in Airborne.

Phil is pictured here at the Macquarie field with one of his many projects. The Bleriot is 1.2m wingspan constructed all from balsa and covered in Litespan. Phil scratch built it from a 3-view drawing. It weighed 450g and was powered by a small Sagami motor with 3:1 gearbox on 5 x Sanyo 450AR cells. This system drew 10A and gave a 2.5 minute motor run. He flew it indoors and out. A great little project, typical of Phil’s resourcefulness and ingenuity!

Phil has moved on to sailing, prompted by his kids who wanted to be involved in one-class sailing, but he left his mark on electric flight, even if it was a “Hammer Mark”!

Late news - Phil is back! He has started flying again and has been seen at recent electric events around Sydney. Say hi to him when you see him.