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Peter Cranfield - Aussie Team Manager



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First world champs
Peter was a pioneer electric flier, friend of Jack Black, and an enthusiastic supporter of all things electric. The picture above was taken at the 1st Electric Flight World Championships in Lommel, Belgium. Peter was team manager, and that's him pictured on the left - always there helping, encouraging, timing, supporting. John Adams is the pilot, and that's me calling John through his laps in the misty conditions. We really appreciated Peter's efforts and devotion as team manager; I recall that Peter had a tear in his eye as he raised the Aussie flag at this event. He was proud to be there as the Aussie team manager. You will also see Peter in the picture on the Jack Black page.

Things were pretty crude back in those days. I well remember that Peter had a piece of plywood mounted in his familiar combi van with pieces of resistance wire strung up on the board, and then connected to a 12v battery. He used alligator clips and moved them up and down the wire until the desired resistance was achieved to charge a nicad battery pack! In those days Schulze chargers and Sommerauer controllers were just being born, and the price was much higher than we enjoy today!

This paragraph pays tribute to Peter and his pioneering efforts, and particularly his willingness to help anyone give electrics a go - he certainly helped me. Thanks Peter.

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