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In this part of the site I will display news of electric flight events and happenings. I invite you to submit any information that you would like to have displayed. Are you running an electric flight day? Send me a message by clicking on my e-mail link!

Coming Events  

  1. AEFA F5J and a Radian postal competition each month - rules on the AEFA web site - fly on any day of the month and only one good flight needs to be recorded and results sent to Gary Andrews - join in and have fun! Send an e-mail if interested to garya.glider@gmail.com and see the AEFA web site for the rules:
  2. AEFA Electric Old Timer Postal Contest - fly in any day of the month to post a score. Contact Mike Colston if you have an old timer and can put in some flights - support this class - e-mail Mike on mncolston@hotmail.com
  3. I am attempting to compile a calendar of events for F5J for 2016 - download a PDF file of the draft calendar by clicking here (latest V.8). Please let me know if you can contribute any events that need to be added so that we can avoid clashes - I am surveying winch-launch glider events as well.
  4. F5J & F5B events for the rest of the year:
    Picton Cup F5J Round 2 - Appin Club field near Sydney - 29 November - contact me!
    F5B weekend - NAAS field near Canberra 27-29 November - contact Brett Solanov - bsolanov@dodo.com.au

  5. Sailplane Expo, Armidale, January 2016 - includes winch-launch glider, F5J and DLG - click here for information.

  6. NEFR for 2106 - scheduled for 25/28 March 2016 at NAAS field near Canberra.
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