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Mantaray by Greg Fry

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Mantray by Greg Fry
Greg Fry lives in Katherine, near Darwin. Note the lush green grass at Greg’s flying field – I envy him because I have trouble finding a smooth patch of ground on which to land my gliders. The surface is mostly pebbles and dirt near my home town!

Encouraged by the positive reports about the performance of Ray Pike’s Mantaray design, Greg purchased a kit from Brett Solanov. This version has a fibreglass fuselage with pylon wing mount so that a single flap can be used in the centre panel of the wing - see the photo of the model in flight, with the flap down. The wingspan is 2060mm, Greg has fitted an EM Jupiter 56 motor with Maxon 3.7:1 gearbox, Aeronaut 15x8” propeller, EM Flash 60 speed controller and 7 x CP1700 SCR pushed cells. This combination draws 70A and gives near vertical performance in the 1150g model.

This is Greg’s first aircraft with a brushless motor for power, and he is very pleased with the performance. Greg and a friend are using their models in the AEFA LEG postal competition. Greg came 7th in his first event in May 2004, demonstrating that this set-up is quite competitive.