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The lack of a standard balancing plug on LiPo battery packs has created a real headache for electric fliers. The Hyperion LBA10 balancer is an excellent unit, but it will not match to all brands of LiPo batteries because different manufacturers use a variety of different plugs to connect to a balancer.
Hyperion have solved the problem. They have produced a series of boards with balancer plugs on them. The Hyperion board (HP version) provides one board to accept all Hyperion batteries from 2S to 6S, so even if you use Hyperion packs this little board will be a great boon to your workshop. See below the range of adaptor boards and the brands of packs that they will match:
EOSLBAHP - The HP version suits Hyperion, polyquest, PolyQ and ETEC

EOSLBAEH - The EH version suits Kokam, Graupner and Robbe

EOSLBAXH - The XH version suits Align and Dualsky

EOSLBATP - The TP version suits recent ThunderPower and FlightPower.

Please note: On ThunderPower and Flightpower 4S packs only, the 6th wire (the last red one) needs to be removed in order to work with this adaptor. The 6th wire can be either removed from the plug, or cut and insulated.

Price for all adaptor boards: $9.90

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