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MPX Solius 2.16m semi-scale glider kit

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Pottsville Beach NSW 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437
Mobile: (0407) 732 440
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Multiplex have come up with a new foam, electric glider that looks like a glider. The Solius is a T-tail glider with straight dihedral, a clear cockpit with cockpit detail and single wheel landing gear. It is capable of gliding flight, catching thermals and aerobatics (to liven up your day!). The tubular spar technology stiffens the wings to allow aerobatic manoeuvres.

A lovely kit that goes together with super glue (Elapor foam that bounces). 2100-3S LiPo battery recommended for long flights.

Specifications are:

  • 2.16m wingspan
  • 1.1m length
  • flying weight 1450g electric
  • wing area 40.7 dm2
  • wing loading 30-35g/ dm2
  • CofG 70mm from LE at root
  • R/C functions: rudder, elevator, ailerons, motor control
  • Spinner: 55mm supplied with blades
  • Power pack - 3S LiPo
  • Wing Servos - 2 x HS-81
  • Fuselage servos - 2 x HS-55
  • 12x6" folding prop and 55mm spinner supplied with kit
  • realistic price for a glider of this calibre - now $195

    Replacement spinner and blades available. Note - Hitec HS-82MG may be used in the wing and HT-HS65HB can be used in the fin with a little surgery.