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Scorpion light electric glider for F5J

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You want a small, light-weight, high performance electric glider for F5J?

Look no further!

The Scoprion is the latest cross-tail, fully moulded glider available from Heinrich in Slovakia.

This is a fully moulded carbon, kevlar and fibreglass model that has been optimised for strength and light weight. The new Scorpion has a lightweight kevlar front fuselage that will not block radio signals. The rear boom is moulded in carbon for strength.

The wing is in two pieces for easy transportation, and the taiplane is also removable. Carbon joiner bar is supplied. Bowden cable supplied for pull-pull systems, and horns simply screw in to the pre-tapped holes. Servo covers amd Deans micro connectors also supplied.

The tail bolts on. The thin nose allows easy balancing with light weight inclusions - 28mm diameter motors and 850-3S LiPo.

This is a quality aircraft with a contest pedigree. There is full back-up in Australia of spare parts and technical assistance - you are in good hands with this one - better than buying overseas and working it out on your own!

Join the F5J revolution, and take part in the burgeoning number of F5J events around the country - a growing fraternity of friendly thermal fliers who enjoy an event without the hassles of winch lines! And use a model that does not need a van for transport.

Specifications are:

  • wing span 2320 mm
  • length 1008 mm
  • wing area 32.6 sq.dm
  • R/C functions: rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, motor control
  • flying weight from 680g
  • spinner 36mm
  • CofG 78mm from LE
  • LiPo - Hyperion 850-3S G5 or 900-3S G6
  • 4 x KST245H for wings
  • 2 x KST-245MG for fuselage
  • Recommended motors: Hacker A20-20L, Hacker A20-26M, Hacker B20-18L, Hacker B20-15L, Mega 1615/5
  • OR a perfect solution - a custom-made, geared outrunner of only 25mm diameter - less 10% with kit Leopard/Reisenauer 5:1

  • Price - $869

    Introductory offer: buy motor, ESC, servos for Scorpion with the kit and you pay only $795
Scorpion Australian Contest Successes - watch this space!
Glider Task
Picton Cup Rnd 1
F5J Limited Electric Glider
3 July 2016
Klaus Metzger