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Pulsar 3200 Pro electric glider kit

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StarFlight kits, hand-made by experts in the Ukraine, have become famous for quality and value. The Pulsar 3200 PRO is a development of the popular Pulsar 3200, but has been completely redesigned. The new design incorporates extra dihedral at the centre of the wing to maximise thermalling potential in small, tight thermals.

The completely new nose pod is now moulded in one piece with a canopy to access the internals - ideal for the new F5J event where you need to access the data logger after each flight. The nose is also longer for easier balancing and has a slight droop.

The wing is in three pieces mounted on a slight pylon to enable split flaps to be operated by two servos. This gives the ability to employ crow-braking for effective landing control (flap down, ailerons up, compensating elevator). A well-tuned model with this feature is a delight to land on a chosen spot.

Carbon/kevlar/balsa construction has been used throughout (except the power pod, which is only kevlar to minimise interfernece with 2.4 GHz radios) to give great strength with minimal weight. A D-box leading edge, carbon-capped ribs and carbon trailing edges are features of this model. Ailerons, flaps and rudder are pre-hinged with integral shrouds to cover the hinge gaps. This is magnificent construction!

If you are looking for a large size, superior glider, beautifully constructed, at a reasonable price, you need look no further!

This model has a cross-tail as illustrated and now employs an all-moving tail mounted on a carbon stand in front of the fin and rudder.

Specifications are:

  • Power recommendation 1: Mega 1630/03 inner-runner with no external moving parts
  • Power recommendations 2: Hacker A20-6XL

  • Power recommendation 3: Scorpion-Reisenauer geared - small heli motor grafted to a superlative Reisenauer gearbox for light weight and slim lines

  • Please note: New versions have a larger 40-42mm nose and will accommodate a range of motors.
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Click here for covering to match the Pulsar 3.2 PRO - for repairs or recovering.
Pulsar 3200 Contest Successes - watch this space!
Glider Task
Victorian State Championships
May 2015
Jim Houdalakis
NEFR Canberra
14-16 April 2017
Trevor Smith