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Pulsar FPV 3.0 electric pusher

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This is a lightweight electric glider with ailerons and flap for First Person View work - an innovation from the Pulsar people. The bulbous nose will carry all sorts of camera gear, GPS and related FPV equipment. The pusher prop is well out of the way for clear photography.

The Pulsar 3.0 FPV is made in the Ukraine by free flight modellers who know how to build strong and light.

The wing is a three-piece unit of carbon construction with balsa ribs capped with carbon strip, and already covered in Oracover Lite. The leading edge is all carbon/kevlar weave cloth back to the spar. The trailing edge is a thin strip of carbon. The joiners are carbon rods. The wing section is an AG25 modified - thin. The wing centre panel is flat with a single flap (only one servo required).

The fuselage pod is made from kevlar (2.4 GHz friendly) and has a coloured gel coat. The fibreglass motor former is already fitted and strengthened. The tail booms are rolled carbon tube.

The tailplane and fins bolt on (bolts supplied). Other accessories include control horns and carbon fairings for aileron and flap servos.

Controls are ailerons (two servos), flap (one servo), elevator (one servo) and rudders (two servos). Sub-micro servos like the JR-375 or the Dymond D60 are recommended for low cost. A new possibility is the KST range of metal-geared, metal-case compact servos: KST-DSX10 Mini for flaps.

The fuselage motor former is 40mm, so motor choices include the MEGA motor, or AXI outrunners in a case.

Wingspan - 2990mm
Wing area - 63 sq.dm
Wing section - AG 25 modified
Weight complete - 1100g plus radio gear and payload
Motor - see recommendations above
Battery - 3 or 4S
Available for special order only - Expected Price - $2,239

I am an agent for all Star flight kits made in Russia. See the Star Flight web site for all the possibilities - click this link.

Pulsar FPV parts:

Wing centre with flap
Two wing tips with ailerons
Two tail booms
Nose pod with removable front
Two fin & rudder
Plus accessory pack