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Aero-naut Powerfly electric glider kit

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 Peter Pine

1/40 Kellehers Road
Pottsville Beach 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437
Mobile: (0407) 732 440

E-mail: ppine@northnet.com.au

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Wingspan - 1935mm
Length - 930mm
Wing area - 30.98 sq.dec.
Flying weight - 1.00 kg
Wing loading - 29.6 g/ sq.dec
Wing section - SD 3021

Spare parts available:
Wing kit
Tailplane set

Price: $325

Standard 2.0m ARC Electric glider

fibreglass fuselage - flying surfaces totally constructed - ready to cover

Basic controls: Elevator - rudder - motor

This is the standard electric glider that you have been looking for! A classic kit in the old style - no foam here! Almost ready to cover - choose your own colours and do your own covering to save money - add your radio gear, fit your motor and go and catch thermals!

Recommended motors:
MVVS 2.5/1120 for gentle flying, MVVS 3.5/1200 upwards for competition
Scorpion 2215-1127 for gentle flying, 2215-1810 for livelier performance
Nose diameter - 36-38mm - use a 38mm cool nose spinner or 36mm classic aero-naut

Recommended servos Hyperion DS09SCD or Hyperion DS09AMD (9mm thick, 9g servos)