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E-Flite Night Radian electric glider

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* No need for frequency control - no crystals or channels to worry about - the radio finds its own frequency - no interference 

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Radian is back!

Now available only as a Night Radian
Please note - E-Flite Night Radian kit has bolt on wings.

The Radian continues as a brilliant 2m, foamy electric glider that has become a great hit. I have seen people learn to fly on it and I have seen people fly it in serious competition.

The Radian event has become so popular that the AEFA are offering a Radian postal competition, and an event at the National Rally to be held each Easter. You can bring your own stock-standard Radian and join in the event.
There are several reasons why you should think about equipping yourself with a Radian:
• It has a proven performance record
• It is easy to fly - good for learning and great for catching thermals
• You can join in the one-class Radian glider events if you want to
• It is incredibly good value. Wings plug in and bolt on to make it easy to transport
• It is ready to fly - completely assembled in the box - fit the tail, bolt on the wings, bind your Spektrum Tx to the Rx, charge your battery and go and fly!

The NEW Night Radian has LED lights and a controller fitted, but please note that it is illegal to fly at night in Australia. However, the LED system will aid flying in low light situations or close to dusk. In every other way, this new Radian is the same as the previous E-Flite Radian except that it has the LED lights and 6-channel Rx fitted. You can still fly this Radian in events. E-Flite spare parts fit. You can even remove the 6-channel Rx and pass it on to someone else and replace it with a standard receiver when your skills allow (or use it in another model).

Wingspan - 2000mm
Flying weight - 905g - 75g heavier than original
Controls - rudder, elevator and motor throttle
Motor supplied - 480 size brushless, 960 Kv
Folding prop and spinner supplied - already fitted
Servos - two sub-micro 9g servos supplied - already fitted
Speed Controller - E-Flite 30A Pro with Switch-mode BEC (no receiver battery required)
Receiver fitted - Spektrum 6 channel Rx with 3-axis stabilisation (ideal fro beginners)

Battery required - ParkZone 1300-3S LiPo or similar
Radio required - Spektrum Tx is suitable.
Flight times - 30 minutes plus when using short motor runs and gliding
E-Flite Radian BNF kits now available - $395

An E-Flite Radian XL of 2.6m is also now here - a very stable flier that comes with Rx and spoilers! Gyro stabilisation in the fitted Rx makes this ideal to learn on.

Spare parts in stock: Spare wings with two carbon rods $69, Spare fuselage (without nose cap called "Firewall") $99, Spare tailplane $19.95
ParkZone Radian parts still available that fit the E-Flite Night Radian:
Firewall $5.50, Spinner $12.50, Prop blades $9.50, Motor $59, Hyperion 1300-3S battery $26, pushrod set $6.50, Clear Plastic canopy $15.

New E-Flite Night Radian tailplane: in stock at $19.50