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MPX Cularis 2.6m glider kit

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You started flying with an EasyStar or an Easy Electric Glider. You know the benefit of Elapor foam that bounces and glues together with super glue. You know that Multiplex Elapor foam models go together well and fly very well. Here is your next step up!

The Cularis is a high-performance electric glider of 2.6m wingspan with ailerons and flaps. You can try a full-house set-up with crow braking for landing (flaps down, ailerons up). With an adequate power plant you can either fly like a hot dog, or you can go thermal soaring. The carbon spar stiffens the wing to such an extent that aerobatics like a hotliner are possible. If you click on the link below, which takes you to the Multiplex web site, you can see a video of the Cularis going through its paces.

So - here you have an aircraft with a wide speed range, big enough to be a smooth thermal machine, and you know that it will not break easily because of the Elapor foam construction.

The model you see in the video has a standard brushless power system like those recommended in the box to the right - you do not need a specialist set-up to obtain high performance.

Click here to go to the MPX web site - scroll down to the Cularis and click on the video to see the Cularis in action.

Check the reviews and threads on this glider around the world and you will see that it has gained instant success everywhere.

Specifications are:

  • 2.61m wingspan
  • flying weight 1680g electric
  • wing area 55 dm2
  • wing loading 27g/ dm2
  • R/C functions: rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, motor control
  • spinner required: 55mm
  • Power pack - 3S LiPo
  • Servos - 2 x HS81 for fuselage
  • Servos - 4 x HS-55 for wing
  • 12x6" folding prop required
  • realistic price for a glider of this calibre - now $299
50mm spinner for 5mm shaft to suit Cularis - $33.00
John Adams from Darwin is an experienced electric glider flier - he represented Australia in the 1986 and 1988 Electric Glider World Championships - see this link - here is John's unsolicited comment about the Cularis:

After four years, my Cularis is still going strong and in fact is my favourite aeroplane. In terms of pure performance, there are some others that exceed it, but for reliability, strength, predicable flying response and overall ease of use it is the best combination I have ever found. I particularly like the strong airbrakes which allow me to dive almost vertically at a controlled speed and thus lose height very quickly.