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Aero-naut Catalina kit

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The magnificent Catalina kit by aero-naut is a work of art. The fuselage is completely moulded in fibreglass with panel marks incised and the wheel wells strengthened with carbon fibre.

We are talking here about a super-scale model of 1.81m wingspan weighing in at about 3kg.

The wings are foam cores sheathed in balsa, with the ailerons already hinged.

All of the detail is added with fibreglass, ABS and butyrate moulded parts supplied with the kit. The accessories pack is staggering with all conceivable parts supplied.

You can rig the model either as a sea-plane or as a land-plane. The fully moulded fibreglass fuselage gives you a water-tight hull for water action, or you can fit the tricycle undercarriage and take off your club field.

Recommended power is two Actro-C8 outrunner motors on 10 cells each - or 3S LiPo. The Actro-C8 is a 890 kV motor of 36mm diameter and 39mm length weighing 140g. Any similar motor could be substituted, for example a Hyperion 3025/10 swinging a 11x7" APC-E prop, or an Aero-naut 10.5x6". You could expect to pull about 25A with this set-up, so the Hyperion 50A controllers are recommended - one for each motor. Also check the MVVS motors as a possibility.

A lower power alternative is the Hyperion 3019/12 swinging APC-10x5"E props on 3S LiPo packs - this combination should draw about 20A. Keep your amps low and you will get away with 30A controllers.

Wingspan - 1810mm
Length - 1125mm
Wing area - 43.1 sq.dec.
Flying weight - 2.85 -2.95kg
Wing loading - 66.1g/ sq.dec

Spare parts available:
Motor nacelle set
Observer bubbles
Wing kit
Tailplane set

Click here to view an extensive picture gallery on the aero-naut web site of this model under construction.

Price for a masterpiece like this: $1,530

Note - I do not keep these kits in stock, but place a special order on your behalf - to achieve this price I need to order a minimum of two aero-naut kits - when you place your order I will advise if I have accompanying orders that help to reduce the freight costs - the only alternative for an urgent order is to increase the price to cover extra freight.

A 20% deposit is required at the time of placing the order with Germany.