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Jigs Up - Soldering Jig



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The Jigs Up is a soldering jig that will hold all your soldering jobs for you and make the soldering task much easier!As you can see from the image, it will hold all types of connectors and cable so that you have your hands free for the soldering job.

The black section is a non-metallic fibre block where you can locate your bullet connectors for soldering and the jig will not suck the heat away from your soldering iron.

The clamp section holds Deans connectors still (and all the other connectors in the image) while you solder your cable to them. The separate block with the alligator clip holds the cable in the correct location for you to solder. Those who have tried this device hail it as a great aid to the soldering task - try one yourself.

Price: $99.00
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