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New Hyperion Battery Sentry 3

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Hyperion have upgraded their Battery Sentry with Version 3. What an amazing little device! It tells you all you need to know about your batteries. The most crucial information is how much charge is left in your battery.
And the new version handles up to 8S, and now includes both active balance and discharge functions. It also is set up for HV packs - you can select either normal LiPo (3.7V per cell), or HV LiPo (3.8V per cell) to give you accurate read outs of percentage of charge left.

Imagine you have just had two flights with your favourite aircraft. Is there enough capacity left in your battery for another flight? Just plug this device in to the balance plug on your LiPo pack and it will tell you what percentage of capacity you have left. It also tells you the current voltage of the pack and the balance of the cells. Your charger may tell you all of this, but you will have to put the pack on charge to find out - and most chargers do not tell you what the remaining charge is. You have to charge the pack to see how much was used and then work out how much was left! If your brand of battery will not work with the Sentry, you can use your balance board that connects to your charger and it will then work.*

As soon as I received my Battery Sentry, I checked all the packs in my garage. I found two packs that I had inadvertently left with full charge after a flying session. I was then able to discharge these packs down to half charge for storage.

The Battery Sentry also works with NiMH and NiCd packs, but does not give you as much information for packs with those chemistries.

You will wonder how you managed without this device - V.3 now available.
The specifications are:
  • Displays battery voltage

  • Displays remaining battery capacity in a percentage

  • Also displays remaining capacity in a bar graph

  • Displays voltage up to three decimal places

  • Tells you the difference between the high cell and the low cell in your pack

  • Tells you which is the high cell and which is the low cell - balance function evens this out

  • Helps you manage battery balance

  • Storage function discharges the pack down to half charge - preserves its life!

  • Now has an active discharge function as well

  • Price - $45
Just plug in the balance connector to read off the remaining charge in your battery - this one down to 41% and bar graph indicates level - LiPo selected
Note HVLi displayed here - HV pack has been selected for an accurate reading
Balance boards required with some connectors
Works with balance boards - all types
Select Max-Min and the highest cell voltage and lowest cell voltage flash - activate balance to solve
Select "Store" with Mode button - storage discharge activated. Scroll down to activate "Discharge"