Electric Flight in Australia


How to Order

You can either send me an E-mail by clicking on the link supplied on each page, or you can call me on the phone, or write to the address given. You can even send a carrier pigeon if it can find its way to me at Pottsville. Get the message to me, and I will do my utmost to answer your query and supply your requirements.

You can pay be Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa), send a cheque or money order, make a direct deposit to my bank account, or ask me to send the goods through the post by COD. There is a charge for COD; it is $12.70 per parcel plus postage.

If you would like to give me your credit card details, I do not recommend sending them by E-mail. It is safer to call me on the phone. If I am not there, my wife Julie can take your details. Once you have given me your details, you do not have to give them to me again unless the details change (such as a new expiry date).

The same applies if you would like me to give you my bank account details; I would prefer to give them to you over the phone.

Postage is charged at the following rates (NOTE - postal charges changed in October 2018 - all small parcels up to 500g are now $10.00 - that makes Express Post to 500g at $12.50 quite attractive - please specify if you want Express Post)

  • Large letters - less than 125g, less than 20mm thick ... $3.00 (takes many of our small items)
  • Large letters - 126-250g, less than 20mm thick ......... $4.00
  • Large letters - 256-500g, less than 20mm thick ......... $6.00
  • Small package up to 500g .............. $10.00
  • Parcel up to 1kg in NSW ............... $14.00
  • Parcel up to 1kg to other States ........ $16.00 - $22.00
  • Every extra kg in NSW ................. $1.50
  • Every extra kg to other States ........... $2.00 - $7.00

Note: I can still send one or two pairs of folding prop blades up to 14" size in a padded bag for $3.00 to anywhere in Australia. From Pottsville, I can generally give overnight service by post to Brisbane and southern Queensland.

Express Post is sometimes a viable and quick alternative to anywhere in Australia, providing that the item you require will fit in the bag. It has the advantage of being tracked and is mostly overnight, or two days to some locations:

  • 500g satchel, anywhere in Australia ......... $12.50
  • 1kg satchel (new) anywhere in Australia $17.00
  • 3kg satchel, anywhere in Australia .......... $19.00
  • 5kg satchel, anywhere in Australia .......... $27.00
Peter Pine, 1/40 Kellehers Road, Pottsville Beach NSW 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437 • Mobile (0407) 732 440
E-mail: ppine@northnet.com.au
Please Note: Prices quoted on this site are subject to change without notice. I go to great pains to make sure that the prices on this site are updated and correct, but the volatility of currency exchange rates makes it impossible to maintain prices in all circumstances. Call, or send me an E-mail message, to confirm prices at time of ordering if you are in doubt.