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Height limitng devices and data loggers are becoming more and more popular. In Australia, the electric old timer fraternity have developed a Height Limited Electric Old Timer (HLEOT) event. It is simple - you climb until the the 200m cut out turns off your motor and try to amass a 7 minute flight (including the climb time) - rules are on the AEFA web site at www.aefanet.com

Now enter the F5J international rules for electric powered gliders! These rules are gaining popularity all over the world - they require a data logging device that records the maximu height gained - again, rules are on the AEFA web site. The Alti #2 Basic has become the standard for this event and the Hand-held reader gives you the height gained immediately upon landing. See the devices here:

• Cam height limiter V.2 - cuts the electric motor

Altis V.4+ height device - latest unit with LCD display

Altis Nano - new, miniature!

• Aerobtec Device Manager - reads data from Altis Micro and has extra functionality

• Barotimer - simple height device for F5J