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New large mounts at a low price pictured to the right - only $18.50
Most outrunner motors are designed for front mounting. When your model does not have a nose former, you can use this adjustable front mount to mount your motor. You can fit the mount to a firewall and then cover the lot with a cowl, or it can be featured on the nose of an aircraft like an old-timer (see accompanying photos - examples of using this mount - these are not necessarily the mounts available, but give you an idea of how they can be used). It is always best to have the outrunner motor one side of the mount and the propeller the other - you will have less problem with balance. If you rear mount an outrunner (which can be done) you will have to be very careful to balance everything (click here to see a suitable prop balancer).

The mounts featured below are for 30 and 40 size motors:

New front mount for larger motors, now only: $18.50