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Dymond D47 super micro power servo

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If you need lightweight, super micro servos with more power than normal, these 4.7g servos will suit you. This is the lightest and smallest regular servo that I know of, and yet have normal power. They are particularly sought after by hand launch R/C glider fliers who need to fit thin servos in to their wings. They also fit the bill if you need to fit really small servos either in a fin (to control rudder) or in a tailplane (to control elevator).
The D47 will suit also electric fliers because they are so thin (only 8mm) and light (only 4.7g). They have been hard to obtain in Australia, and the price has been quite high. The favourable dollar has resulted in a lower price at the moment. The specifications are:
  • Size: 21.6 x 17.7 x 8mm
  • Weight: 4.7g without plug
  • Torque: 11 Ncm (which means about 1.3kg/cm)
  • Speed: 0.18 seconds to 60 degrees
  • Voltage: accepts 3.6-7.4V
  • Price: $39
  • Order 10 and receive a 10% discount 
    Click here to go to the servo that is the next size up in this range - 9.9g, more power.