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Range of connectors
Electric fliers need plugs or connectors so that the battery pack that powers the motor can be disconnected from the controller, and charged. The charger must be set up with the same connectors. Basically, electric flight connectors must meet the following criteria:

- easy to use
- compact, taking up little space
- capable of handling the current being used
- insulated so no shorts can occur
- polarised, so that the leads cannot be connected the wrong way around.

It must be emphasised that, in electric flight, connectors are a cause of lost current – I suspect that even the best connectors are responsible for some current loss. Therefore, we use the best possible connectors and as few of them as possible. Following are the connectors shown above, listed from the left.

Click here to see a soldering jig that will help make your soldering tasks much easier!

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Click here to see arming switches - safely connect your battery to your power system in your aircraft

JST Connectors are the preferred type for Indoor and Park Fliers. They are light and compact, but will only handle low amps. The plug measures 13x7x4mm and the socket measures 13x6x3mm. When plugged together the combined unit is 24mm long, but very slim. These plugs/sockets now come with approximately 19cm of heavy duty, silicone coated cable attached for $2.50 each. Sold singly. JST connectors
3.5mm gold plated bullets - I am currently stocking Hyperion 3.5mm gold connectors - both the male and female bullets have a hole to accept the cable with a vent hole as well - these 3.5mm connectors come in a pack of three male and three female with heatshrink for $7.50
(please note - picture shows Venom connectors, not the Hyperion ones that I now have in stock).
Also available in a 12 pair pack for $17.95.
4.0mm gold plated bullet connectors. I believe these high quality connectors will handle high current, in excess of 100 AMPS (I am currently using them for 115A - excuse the pun!). They are compact, being only slightly larger in diameter than the cable – the female connector is 5mm diameter OD, the male is 4mm and fits snuggly in to the female tube. Part of the success is due to the contact being made over a length of some 15mm. The female must be fully insulated and the shank of the male also. Cable can be soldered into the rear of each half - use with 2.5 or 4 sq.mm cable. These come in a pack of four male, four female Hyperion brand for $8.95 per pack. 3MF for $7.50
6.00mm Gold Bullets from Hyperion - these are quite short if space is a problem , but they benefit from the extra diameter to handle more amps - the male pin is split and expanded to create tension when plugged together - they come in packs of four pairs with heat shrink for $10.50
Deans Ultra Plug & Socket These have become the most popular connector in Australia for general use. They are very compact. They also have heavy duty brass contacts with a little leaf spring on each contact to ensure positive contact. This means that they will handle high amps. I have seen them used up to 100A. They are polarised as they come (no need to take any more precautions), and they come with one pair in a pack, with heat shrink, for $7.50.

Do you need female connectors only to fit to your battery pack? I have 4 x female connectors alsok available for $14.95.

Deans Ultra connectors
EC3 Connectors - these really are 3.5mm bullet connectors, but hey come with shrouds to cover and protect them. When the shroud is fitted, they are polarised. An economical and popular connector that is easier than some to solder - $5.95 a pack of two pairs as shown in the photo.
EC3 Males and Females available separately in packs of two pieces -
Male - $5.95
Female - $6.95
EC5 Connectors with 5mm bullets for high currents and voltages - preferred by F3A fliers when running 5S or more. Pack of one pair - $9.95
Use these with thick cable to carry the current.

Also available - two males in one packet $13.50, and two feamles in one packet $8.50

XT-60 Connectors - yellow plastic housing with 3.5mm bullets shrouded inside - polarised and safe. Some fliers prefer these because they are easy to solder. One pack includes one pair - $4.50 pair
XT-30 Connectors - small brother to the XT-60 - yellow plastic housing with 2.0mm bullets shrouded inside - polarised and safe. Some fliers prefer these because they are easy to solder. One pack includes one pair - $2.50 pair