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Power cells
Without adequate cells, electric flight can be very disappointing. Nicad cells have been popular for nearly 20 years, and remain so because of the ease of use, and the ability to deliver high amps if you choose the correct type. Click here for an article on types of cells.

NiMh cells have pushed to the front in recent times. At first they would not deliver high amps, and failed easily. Technology marches on, and now NiMH will deliver very high amps, and have become much more reliable if charged properly. Click here to read an article on NiMH cells.

I can deliver any cell on the market today, but following are some that I have sourced at a good price, and generally hold in stock:
Sanyo CP1300, CP1700 & NC2500 nicads
Sanyo HR3000 SCU sports NiMH cells

Battery assembly service: I offer an assembly service at $3 per cell flat rate, and that includes tabs, heat shrink and cable.

Click here for Sanyo Eneloop cells.

Eneloop PRO AA cells - 2.5 Ah

Smart chargers for loose AA and AAA cells

Click here for GP-35AAAH cells for Rx packs