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How do I program a Scorpion/Hyperion ESC?

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Programming Scorpion and Hyperion ATLAS Speed Controllers

Follow this guide for success with programming

1. First gather all that you need to complete the task - do not rush - prepare well and it will be easy.
a. For bench programming you need to mount the motor with a propeller fitted (do not run brushless motors without a load)
b. plug in the three cables from the ESC
c. plug the receiver lead from your ESC in to the IR receiver that came with the speed controller (make sure the brown lead is facing outwards as marked on the IR receiver)
d. plug the lead from the IR receiver in to the throttle channel of your receiver (double check polarity)
e. have your transmitter ready and a power battery.
f. If you have disabled the BEC, have a small battery ready to plug in to the receiver as well.

2. First switch on your transmitter and make sure that the throttle is in the off position.

3. Now plug in the power battery to the ESC (add the Rx battery first if operating without BEC).

4. Wait! After a short time you will hear two beeps from the motor. Now advance the throttle slightly and check that the motor powers up. If it is running backwards, you can reverse any two of the cables that go from the Esc to the motor, but it is not necessary to have it going the correct way for programming. You can just leave it as it is. At least the propeller won't fly off the motor if it is pushing!

5. Switch the tiny slide switch on the IR receiver from PPM to IRS - wait! You will hear two beeps from the motor after a short while.

6. Hold the IR Programmer close to the IR receiver, pointing at the top of the receiver. Avoid strong sunlight and strong electric lighting.

7. Press the button for the facility that you want to program - eg. Press BRK if you want to program the Brake on or off. The LED on the IR receiver will flash.

8. Press the number of your selection - eg. 1 for brake off, 2 for Very soft brake, 3 for Soft brake, 4 for Hard brake, 5 for Very Hard brake. Consult your instructions for the options. You should now see a flash from the LED on the controller.

9. Press “Enter” and wait. There will be a third flash from the LED and after a while a sound from the motor. If you do not get a sound from the motor, the programming has not occurred. I have used this sequence over 30 times in the last week testing ESCs and it has worked every time!

10. Switch the small slide switch on the IR receiver back to PPM - and wait! After a while you will hear two beeps from the motor - then you can run it and test your program selection (eg. whether the brake is working). If you are not patient and try the throttle, nothing will happen. You must wait until the Esc resets itself.

11. Follow this sequence and you will be guaranteed success. You can remove the IR receiver and the programming is retained.

12. Happy flying!