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What is a ferrite motor?

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An electric motor is a device that uses the magnetic field of a permanent magnet to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The purpose of the permanent magnet is to produce magnetic flux in the working space of a device. However, there are different types of magnets with a variety of charactersitics. We tend to categorise electric motors on the type of magnets that are used in them to produce the magnetic flux.

A ferrite motor is one that has magnets made from ferrous material. From my reading, I think that ferrous magnets are sometimes called Cast and Sintered Alnico magnets. They have the following characteristics:

  • low cost
  • mechanically strong
  • can be cast accurately to a variety of shapes
  • very temperature stable
  • was the best magnet type available until the 1970s
  • but needs to be relatively large to be effective

These are the magnets that are used in the can type motors (those we know as 280s, 400s, 600s, etc), and the improved ferrite motors (such as the Leisure Sports motor) commonly used in radio controlled cars. For a comparison, see the characteristics of cobalt and neodym motors.

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