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Amp-Clamp for measuring current draw

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An amp-clamp is indispensible for electric fliers. It allows current draw to be measured quickly and accurately. The jaws of the clamp are clamped around one of the cables and the motor is started. The amps flowing through the cable registers on the LCD display.

Because an amp clamp does not plug in to the line, there is no current loss and the reading is more accurate.

The Lutron Amp-Clamp that we have sourced is packed with features. It measures DC Amps (which is what we want), AC Amps, and acts as a digital multi-meter as well (combining many functions of use to the electric flier). It comes with a pair of test leads and probes for use with the multi-meter function.

DC Voltage Range: 240 mV - 600 V (Resolution 0.1 mV)
AC Voltage Range: 2.4V - 600V
DC Amp Range: up to 600A (Resolution 0.1A)
AC Amp Range: 0.5 - 600A
Ohms Range: 240 Ohm - 24 M ohm
Data hold function
Automatic range selection

New Price: $175

The Lutron Amp-Clamp comes with a handy carry case. the meter probes are housed in a side pocket.

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