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Scorpion SII-3026-890 outrunner motor

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 Peter Pine

1/40 Kellehers Road
Pottsville Beach 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437
Mobile (0407) 732 440

E-mail: ppine@northnet.com.au

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Motor Specifications
Io = 2.25A at 10V
Kv = 890 rpm/volt
R = 0.014 Ohms
Length = 51.7mm
Diameter = 37.5mm
Weight = 205g
Continuous current accepted = 70A
Maximum continuous power = 1025W
Shaft = 5mm carbonised steel (protrudes both ends)
Collet-type prop adaptor and back-mount supplied

Motor fixing = four 3mm bolts supplied
Male bullet connectors fitted to motor
Female bullet connectors supplied
Recommended controller =Hifei ESC
An LRK (outrunner) brushless motor for R/C aircraft up to 3.5 kg powered by 7-16 cells or 2-5S LiPo; suitable for cabin models, scale models, aerobatic models and gliders - this motor would work well in competition gliders with a large prop - use the 110A speed controller if you are going to push this motor. No gearbox is required because of the high torque of this motor type.

All Scorpion 30mm motors have 3 ball bearings to support the rotating housing.

The S30 series of motors from Scorpion all have 30mm diameter stators - there are 12 stator arms and 14 magnets in the rotor housing. The stator is 26mm long in this 3026 version. The motor wind is a 7 turn delta wind with 21 strand 0.25mm wire.

Prop for 2S - 16x10"
Prop for 3S - 14x7"
Prop for 4S - 12x6"
Prop for 5S - 10x7"

Motor guaranteed for two years

Price = $249

Some power recommendations**
Prop Prop type Volts Cells Revs per minute Amps Watts In Thrust Grams Recommended controller
12x6 APC 10.5 3S 8,525 38A 396 2154 Scorpion 55A
14x7 APC 10.5 3S 7,275 59A 623 2836 Scorpion 90A
15x8 APC 10.5 3S 6,625 69A 720 3078 Scorpion 90A
15x8 Aero-naut* 10.5 3S 5,900 75A 787 N/A Scorpion 90A
10x7 APC 14.0 4S 11,375 43A 596 2315 Scorpion 90A
12x6 APC 14.0 4S 10,475 62A 874 3459 Scorpion 90A
10x7 APC 17.5 5S 13,750 61A 1073 3157 Scorpion 90A
Motors that compare to the Scorpion 3026-890:
Atlas 2927/08, 910 KV
Axi 2826/10, 920 KV
Dualsky XM4250CA-5, 1020 KV

Hacker A30-10XL, 900 KV
Himax HC3528-1000
Hyperion Z3025-8, 985 KV
HXT 35-48B, 900 KV

Rimfire 35-48-1000
Thunder Tiger OBL36/09-46A, 910 KV

* Actual test by David Morgan using an Emeter - AN folders draw more amps than APC-E for the same size and give more thrust.

** Prop figures given here are for the Series 1 motor, but cna be used as a guide for the Series 2. Generally, the Series 2 motor is more efficient than the Series 1 and may draw less amps but produce more power.