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Scorpion SII-2212-1070 outrunner motor

How to Order

 Peter Pine

PO Box 324
Pottsville Beach 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437
Mobile (0407) 732 440

E-mail: ppine@northnet.com.au

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Motor Specifications
Io = 0.52A at 10V
Kv = 1070 rpm/volt
R = 0.161 Ohms
Length = 24.7mm
Diameter = 27.9mm
Weight = 50.7g
Continuous current accepted = 13A
Maximum continuous power = 140W
Shaft = 3mm carbonised steel (protrudes both ends)
Collet-type prop adaptor and back-mount supplied

Motor fixing = four 3mm bolts supplied
Male bullet connectors fitted to motor
Female bullet connectors supplied
Recommended controller = Hifei 25A
A sports LRK (outrunner) brushless motor for small R/C aircraft up to 1.2 kg powered by 7-12 cells or 2-4S LiPo; suitable for cabin models, scale models, aerobatic models and gliders. No gearbox is required because of the high torque of this motor type.

The S22 series of motors from Scorpion all have 22mm diameter stators - there are 12 stator arms and 14 magnets in the rotor housing. The stator is 12mm long in this 2212 version. The motor wind is a 26 turn delta wind with 5 strand 0.19mm wire.

Prop for 2S - 12x6"
Prop for 3S - 10x6"

Motor guaranteed for two years

Price: $85

Some power recommendations
Prop Prop type Volts Cells Revs per minute Amps Watts In Thrust Grams Recommended controller
10x5 APC 7 2S 5,300 6A 39 317 Scorpion 25A
11x5.5 APC 7 2S 4,850 7.3A 51 313 Scorpion 25A
11x7 HD GWS 7 2S 4,600 8A 53 411 Scorpion 25A
10x5 APC 10.5 3S 7,100 10A 105 642 Scorpion 25A
11x5.5 APC 10.5 3S 6,275 13A 132 640 Scorpion 25A
11x7 HD GWS 10.5 3S 5,925 13A 132 729 Scorpion 25A
9x5 HD GWS 14.0 4S 9,525 12A 167 872 Scorpion 25A
10x6 HD GWS 14.0 4S 8,300 14A 198 938 Scorpion 25A