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Scorpion SII-2205-1490 outrunner motor

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Motor Specifications
Io = 0.42A at 10V
Kv = 1490 rpm/volt
R = 0.188 Ohms
Length = 23mm
Diameter = 27.9mm
Weight = 35.4g
Continuous current accepted = 10A
Maximum continuous power = 110W
Shaft = 3mm carbonised steel (protrudes both ends)
Collet-type prop adaptor and back-mount supplied

Motor fixing = four 3mm bolts supplied
Male bullet connectors fitted to motor
Female bullet connectors supplied
Recommended controller = Hifei ESC
A sports LRK (outrunner) brushless motor for small R/C aircraft up to 0.6 kg powered by 6-10 cells or 2-3S LiPo; suitable for cabin models, scale models, aerobatic models and gliders. No gearbox is required because of the high torque of this motor type. Ideal for 1/2A Texaco.

The S22 series of motors from Scorpion all have 22mm diameter stators - there are 12 stator arms and 14 magnets in the rotor housing. The stator is 5mm long in this 2205 version. The motor wind is a 36 turn delta wind. Motor timing 5-10 degrees at 8 KHz.

Motor supplied with 3.5mm bullet connectors, a cross-style backplate mount with 4 screws, a wobbly-style prop adaptor with 2 O-rings for GWS style propellers and a 5mm OD threaded shaft prop adaptor for APC style propellers.

Prop for 2S - 7x6"
Prop for 3S - 7x4"

Motor guaranteed for two years

Now in stock - $59

Some power recommendations
Prop Prop type Volts Cells Revs per minute Amps Watts In Thrust Grams Recommended controller
7 x 6E APC 7.4 2S 5,550 6.7A 50 283 Hifei 25A
8 x 6E APC 7.4 2S 6,470 8.7A 64 321 Heifei 25A
6 x 4E APC 11.1 3S 12,772 6.4A 71 335 Hifei 25A
7 x 4E APC 11.1 3S 11,000 9.2A 102 488 Hifei 25A
Motors that compare to the Scorpion 2205-1490:
Axi 2204-54, 1400 KV
Dualsky XM2822CA-24, 1450 KV
E-Flite Park 300, 1380 KV
Hacker A20-34S, 1500 KV
Hyperion Z2205-34, 1530 KV
HXT 28-22-B, 1400 KV