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Breaking News

I have been appointed Australian agent for Scorpion 3rd generation aircraft motors! All sizes available!

Scorpion have broken the amps barrier that has limited performance of outrunners to date!

You can now obtain far higher performance from Scorpion motors than similar sized outrunners of other brands.

Georges Van Gansen is a radio control enthusiast who set up an extensive manufacturing plant in Hong Kong. As a sideline, George produced glow plugs in the early days. Recently he became interested in electric powered aerobatic pattern flying and pylon racing. In 2005 he directed his engineers to research the short-comings of the current crop of outrunner motors and to come up with a better mouse trap. The answer they came up with was to use better quality magnets that will stand operating temperatures up to 200 degrees C, and windings rated to 180 degrees C.

30 and 40 size motors have 3 ball-bearings to take the load of the spinning case. Backmounts, prop adaptors, mounting screws and 3.5mm bullets are supplied with each 20 and 30 size motor. 40 size motors have 4mm bullets fitted to them.

Scorpion motors carry a 2-year warranty - you can buy them with confidence!

There is a large range of sizes - and now that I am a Scorpion agent, I can order any Scorpion motor for you!
Click here to see the full range.

Click here to see the Hifei range of brushless speed controllers.

Click here to see a range of bolts for securing your motor in your aircraft.

Series II Motors - all available, including 40 size - click here for information.

Please note - Series 1 motors are now finished.

Motors below in bold with SII prefix are in stock - but all are available to order - stock building up now! Deliveries are very quick! Click on the links for information.

New version II
Please note - Series II motors are available - most 40 size below are series 1: