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FlyDream 2.4 GHz radio conversion

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Peter Pine
1/40 Kellehers Road
Pottsville Beach NSW 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437
Mobile (0407) 732 440
E-mail: ppine@northnet.com.au 
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Please Note - Flydream is virtually finished in Australia - just some receivers left now!

Simple low-cost conversion of your existing radio to 2.4 GHz
Have you avoided converting to 2.4 GHz because of the cost? Would you like to be free from interference and from worries about someone shooting you down? The FlyDream conversion option gives you the latest technology and peace of mind at minimal cost. This is V.3 equipment with the bugs worked out - the biggest problem - the refresh rate - has been solved. You will not crash your plane waiting for this gear to refresh!

Modules are available off-the-shelf that plug straight in to your JR or Futaba module-controlled Tx for the low cost of $40. There is even a Do-It-Yourself module that can be fitted to other brands or to non-module transmitters. FlyDream has already been used to convert Multiplex (module and non-module), Graupner MC24, Graupner MX22, Eurgle, JR-2610 and JR-3810. It seems that any radio will accept this gear!

JR module - $40 (see photo right of module being fitted)
Futaba module - $40
DIY module for any brand Tx - $35

Receivers - there are three different receivers - they are all small, light and inexpensive. It will not cost you a fortune to convert. The aerial wire is short (100mm long) and the last 30mm is the active part of the aerial.

8 channel receiver - 1.2km range - $40
Measures 21 x 43 x 8mm
Weighs 7.3g (I am using one in my Radian)

6 channel receiver - 1.2km range - $38
Measures 18 x 42 x 8mm
Weighs 6.0g (see photo below - 6ch fitted to Blaster DHLG)

4 channel receiver - 760m range - $36
Measures 16 x 32 x 4mm
Weighs 2.2g (I am using one in my Fling and it is wonderful!)

NEW - 4 channel Rx weighing ONLY 1g!
Yes, this Rx actually weighs 1g and is ideal for indoor operations.
Uses micro connectors - click this link to see more!
Features are
  • easy to use
  • long range
  • small size
  • low cost - great value
  • FCC approved
  • C-tick N25729
  • MAAA approved - see MOP 058
  • enhanced interference rejection
  • fast refresh
  • range check button
  • supported locally - advice, service, warranty and back-up