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FlyDream 1g Receiver 2.4 GHz

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Peter Pine
1/40 Kellehers Road
Pottsville Beach NSW 2489
Phone (02) 6676 1437
Mobile (0407) 732 440
E-mail: ppine@northnet.com.au 
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WOW - FlyDream have excelled themselves! Now they have developed a receiver that weighs only one gramme! It will be ideal for indoor and park flying, especially when you want to keep the weight and size down. This receiver links to any FlyDream module, so convert you Tx to FlyDream and enjoy the benefits of low-cost, reliable 2.4 GHz operation (see here for the FlyDream modules).

Specifications for the 1g Receiver:

Size: 17 x 14 x5mm
Weight: 1g - yes, only one gramme
Range: 300m
Operating voltage: 2.2 - 9.0V (1S or 2S)
Current drain: 18 mA
Connectors: Micro - 4 supplied with every receiver
Servos: FlyDream 2.5g servos available with micro connectors already fitted

Price: $35 with four Micro leads