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I have had a long association with Multiplex radio control products - and use them myself. I was the Australian importer of Multiplex for 16 years - so I know the products well - and I still keep a range of Multiplex products - not just electric motors and the like, but also the Multiplex radio leads and plugs. If you need Multiplex products, please get in touch and I am sure that I will be able to help you.

Pictured are the battery plugs and sockets, and the traditional Multiplex three pin servo lead (now not available). I also keep switch harnesses and a range of Multiplex plugs - 3 pin, 5 pin and the 6-pin High Current (green) plugs - see some at this link.

Multiplex is moving to the Universal plug (JR, Hitec type), especially now that they are associated with the Hitec company, but I can still help you with the old style - as well as the new Universal type leads.

Click here to see the old Multiplex Cockpit radio - it was an excellent mid-range computer radio set - an ideal step-up from your basic radio sets, with lots of mixing capabilities, including full control over four servos in the wing and crow function. Note that a new 2.4 GHz unit is now available and is an excellent product with advanced features, including telemetry - get in touch if that interests you1!