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Now an agent for Mega motors!
All Mega motors are available - consult the Mega web site, choose a motor and call me to ask for a quote.

Mega have been around for a long time and are well known for quality motors. Their little inner-runners have been popular in the past, and now they have developed a range for current needs - in particular motors that can be used for F5J. Being inner-runners, they overcome all the problems with fitting a motor to a narrow glider fuselage, especially the smaller models; ideal for the Pulsar 2.0m and 2.5m. There are no external moving parts to worry about! The ESC connects to the cables that come out the back of the motor.

They have developed a long, thin inner-runner that is claimed to haul a 2.5kg glider to 200m, even in wind. And then there are those that have had a gearbox added to make them work well. I am currently using one in my 3.5m Electra2 with a 13x10" prop drawing 31.7A. I can reach 250m in 30 seconds!

I am currently importing the special motors below ideal for F5J gliders. And the 1615/7 is ideal for lighter Millennium Cup models, the 1615/5 for heavier! Plus a really neat spinner! The cranked centrepiece allows the blades to fold flat - the pins holding the blades have no heads - fitted with an Allen key.

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Mega 1630/03 CE F5J - click here for more info
Mega 1615/05 CE F5J
Recommended Use
Maxium Current
1615/5 CE-F5J
models up to 1.6kg
9x5" prop
20A continuous 30A/30 secs
Max: 35A on 11x6" prop
1615/7 Combat
models up to 1.3kg - softer wind - 10x6" prop
20A continuous 25A peak on 11x6" prop
1630/3 CE F5J
models up to 2.5kg
11x5" prop
30A continuous
1607/4E gear 3.1:1
models up to 2.0kg
11x6" prop
30A continuous
40A/30 secs
gear 4.7:1
models up to 2.0kg
13x8" prop
30A continuous
40A/30 secs
30mm spinner/ 5mm shaft/
cranked centrepiece/ blind bolts
Allen key for blind bolts
Mega 1607/04E Geared