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Lithium Polymer batteries have revolutionised electric flight. More power, longer motor run times, less weight and the ability to hold a charge are the main benefits that they deliver. They do need to be handled with care, but once charging and balancing routines are established, the benefits of better performance and maintaining a charge have converted the majority of electric fliers to this type of battery power.

The new Limited Electric Glider rules for Australian competition have contributed to the LiPo revolution, particularly now that 30/ 50C packs have become readily available.

I supply the Hyperion range of LiPo packs - click on the links below to check out the types - large type packs are current.

Check the Thunder Power range that are very good quality.

Hyperion G5 standard LiPo packs - 3.7V per cell - 50C and 70C!

Hyperion Balancer Boards

Thunder Power High Quality LiPos

Tattu High-C Rated LiPos - especially good for F5J
Arming switches - safely connect your batteries to your ESC

Connectors for your batteries

Battery Harnesses - connect two batteries in parallel or series, or two ESCs to one battery.

Click here for the Battery Sentry - a device to help you manage your LiPo packs!

All Hyperion products are available, even if they are not listed here - please ask!