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Mibo Models Mini Vision

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2.2m Moulded Glider or Electric glider
for slope or thermal
The Mini Vision is a highly efficient 2-metre glider equally at home on the slope or thermalling on a flat field. The aerofoil used has been proven on Mibo Models competition aircraft to ensure excellent soaring characteristics in a wide range of weather conditions.

The wing is hollow moulded from Spread Carbon/Herex sandwich and has 5 degrees of dihedral combined with wide-chord flaps and ailerons to provide outstanding soaring capabilities with a wide speed range - it will float in thermals, and scorch around the slope! Camber changing of the wing section provides for all phases of flight including crow braking for landing.

The wing includes servo bays with control horns fitted and servo covers for the hatch.

The fuselage is 2.4 GHz friendly constructed from glass with carbon fibre reinforcements. Pushrods are pre-installed. For the electric version, the elevator servo can be mounted directly under the elevator in the fin area; the rudder linkage is factory installed. The tailplane and two-piece wing can be removed for easy transport. A jig is supplied to help with installing a firewall and motor fixing. The inner-runner Mega motors are suitable power plants, or the 22 size Scorpion motors.

Wing bags, ballast and wiring harness are optional extras.
Wingspan - 2200mm •  Length - 1300mm • Wing area - 36.7 sq.dec.
Tail area - 4.6 sq.dec • Empty weight - 900g • Wing section - MT 7.5%

Price: $1,225 now in stock