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Pulsar 4.0 COMPACT electric glider kit

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Pulsar 4000 now replaced by this Pulsar 4.0PRO


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StarFlight kits, hand-made by experts in the Ukraine, have become famous for quality and value. The Pulsar 4.0 COMPACT is a development of the popular Pulsar 4000-PRO, and has some significant improvements! This model is specially designed for ease of transportation. Every single part of this model has a length of less than 1 meter. At the same time model flight performance are traditionally very high.
The wing is built with a carbon woven cloth D-box leading edge, with carbon capped ribs and a carbon trailing edge. This design is not afraid of heat and cold, is not afraid of moisture and rain. Wing and control surfaces are not subject to warping, as is usually the case with full balsa model counterparts.
The control surfaces are pre-hinged with integral shrouds fitted to the flaps and ailerons making less drag.
Model center panel consists of two parts connected by of a high-strength carbon joiner with a cross “V” in 2,5 degrees.
The fuselage of the model is also collapsible: the fuselage pod and tail boom.
The fuselage has easily removable canopy for R/C equipment service.

Carbon/kevlar/balsa construction has been used throughout to give great strength with minimal weight. A D-box leading edge, carbon-capped ribs and carbon trailing edges are features of this model. This is magnificent construction!

If you are looking for a large size, superior glider, beautifully constructed, at a reasonable price, that is easy to transport, you need look no further!

This model has a cross-tail as illustrated and employs an all-moving tail mounted on a carbon stand in front of the fin and rudder. RES (Rudder-Elevator-Spoiler) and REF (Rudder-Elevator-Flap) versions are also available - see images below.

Specifications are:

  • wing span 4000mm
  • length 1790mm
  • wing area 91 sq.dm
  • wing section AG-25 modified
  • R/C functions: rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, motor control
  • kit weight 1240g
  • flying weight 1.8kg approx.
  • 2 x KST-DSX10 Mini for Flaps
  • 2 x DY-60 for ailerons
  • 1 x DY-60 for rudder
  • 1 x Hyperion DS11-AMB for elevator (a little larger, but more robust and powerful)
  • Spinner size 38mm
  • can be ordered with a 30mm nose
  • realistic price for a glider of this size and calibre - completely assembled structure
  • Pulsar 4.0 COMPACT - price $2,295

    See these links for Pulsar 4000PRO, 3200PRO and 3600PRO.

  • Power recommendation 1: Hacker A20-6XL - small, geared outrunner capable of swinging a 16x8" prop at 38A
  • Power recommendation 2: Scorpion-Reisenauer geared - small heli motor grafted to a superlative Reisenauer gearbox for light weight and slim lines

    Please note - these motors will do the job for you, but you will need to add weight to the nose to achieve the correct balance. I ended up using an MVVS 4.6 motor weighing 215g and the balance was just right! Consider a Scorpion or Cobra outrunner.
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    Click here for covering to match the Pulsar 4.0 PRO - for repairs or recovering.
Model packs in to a bag that fits in a standard motor vehicle
Parts of the Compact - none longer than 1m.
Recommended Settings:

Ailerons - 15mm up, 6mm down

Elevator - 15mm up, 10mm down

Rudder - 35mm movement, mixed 80-100% with ailerons

Flaps - maximum down

Note - if flaps operate also as ailerons, the aileron movementr may be reduced - more efficient in light air.

Very important:
CofG recommended at 95-105mm

Start with a forward CofG and move back slowly as you become used to the aircraft - Europeans usually set up their models very twitchy for light air flying, but that can be dangerous if you are not ready for it. Experiment carefully!

I flew mine at 95mm back and tried the dive test - it pulled out slowly - I would not go any further back!
Pulsar 4.0 COMPACT Contest Successes - watch this space
Glider Task
Australian F5J Trophy
F5J NAAS, Canberra
29-30 November 2016
Peter Pine
Picton Cup Round 2
F5J Appin
Peter Pine